Foreigners Living In Da Nang, Vietnam

Wondering how life is living in Da Nang, Vietnam as a foreigner? If you from any other part of the world continents except Asia, life would be easy for you. If you from Asia country, slightly different.

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If you Asian living in Vietnam beware of being regarded as a Vietnamese almost everywhere. Due to the facts that Vietnam is part of Asia and almost all Asian looks alike. The good this is if you manage to learn their language and able to get everywhere you will be just fine. To order food, to ask for direction, to buy local groceries, they won’t be charging you extra price for being foreigner. However, bad news if you not Asian as most local greedy seller would charge you triple from the original price. This would not be the case for any local restaurant as you can always check the receipt before paying your bill. Not to mentioned, taxi drivers would definitely charge you higher than usual. For this, Grab App for taxi is the best way to get around.

Also, please beware when holding your phone while walking on the street or riding bike as they can get snatched easily. Phone thief is quite famous around Vietnam and there’s already been plenty of phone stealing cases. There also been few cases of women riding bike alone late at night especially for foreigners women, as they get molested by other Vietnamese men. Ladies, please be careful during night time.


For food wise, majority easy to find as Mega Mart offers variety of items and at reasonable prices. Saigon and Hanoi do have more variety store that sell things that foreigners wants, but not for Da Nang. Feeling sick and just want to find medicine over the counter, you may or you may not be able to find what you looking for but I would suggest to bring some medicine over for future use unless you going to buy health insurance.

If you looking for more info, please leave me a comment and will get back to you.


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