Living In Vietnam

What is it like living in Vietnam? Cost of living relatively low compare other Asian country like Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and more. However, compare with Thailand or Cambodia, I would say more or less the same. But there is major difference in prices if your foreigners.

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Thinking of living in Vietnam cities such as Saigon, Hanoi, or Danang. Saigon and Hanoi both are the most busiest cities compared to Danang. Traffic jam, more jobs opportunities, plenty entertainment places, lots of beautiful scenery to explore, more shops or cafes or restaurant to choose from, and has lots more to offers. Danang however, smaller city more peaceful place, less traffic, less to offers, but with beautiful beach it’s worth it. Unfortunately, it will change drastically in the next 5 years as Vietnam is developing still. If you flying from developed country, make sure to stock up certain medication that you will need as not easy to find certain items and even they have it won’t be the same brand you used to. If you are a tea lover, majority teas easy to find except PG Tips Tea (I am cuppa tea lady) and I only get it ship through eBay.

Settling in Vietnam permanently, will it worth it shipped furnitures? The question would be, will you be using it long term? If not you could sell it away on a reasonable price on Facebook Page based on where you located at. Or just rented a fully furnished apartment. Bad news for foreigners, you won’t be able to purchase or own a house/land in Vietnam as it’s against their law unless you married to a Vietnamese wife/husband. Apartment however, you only allowed to owned it just for 50 years. Not worth it I would say. Apartment rent fees varies and depends on location. Majority would need 1 month rent deposit and 3 months rent ahead. Utilities bills I would consider relatively low and depending on your usage daily.


Where the best place to shop groceries? The only that seems properly managed is Mega Mart and the price is manageable. Majority grocery you can get here. Meanwhile Big C or Co-op Mart seems slightly poorly managed (in my opinion) and some items couldn’t find. Another easy access would be VinMart but some items kinda to get. If non of those supermart has what you want, do look for more privileged store as Annam Gourmet which only available in Saigon and Hanoi. If you locating to Danang, do not worry as there’s Joly Mart available. Just beware of the prices as they charged quite expensive than normal. But I would suggest you to buy from Lazada vn if available as they sell slightly cheaper.

Check out i Tour Vietnam with link ( ) about the 50 Fun Facts About Vietnam. Short, simple and up to date info.

And please do write me a comment if you have any questions!

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