Adopting a pet while living/moving abroad

Should I or should I not? This might be the million questions you may be asking yourself when thinking of adopting a pet while you living abroad or bringing your pet if you planning of moving abroad. Moving into different states is less troublesome, however moving into different county is another level of headaches.

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Having a pet similar as having a baby but with less efforts such as waking up in the middle of night, having to feed your pet every 2-3 hours everyday. Puppies or kittens is quite different and will need a little more attentions compared to adult dog or cat.

The main concern to considered is whether you financially stable to support or pay for your pet flight to whichever you moving to. You will need to check the country you bringing your pet into as they will have certain criteria you will need to follows. For example, bringing your pet from Vietnam into Australia. Australia will required your pet to be in quarantine for at least 6 months. As for New Zealand, your pet will need to stay in approved country such as Malaysia, Singapore or Australia for 6 months before flying into New Zealand or else they will not be allowed in.


Also there might be few selection of airlines that allowed to fly your pet, be sure to search that out depends on which country you flying from. Also it will consume a lot of time and procedures to follows such as vaccines, certificates, micro chip, and etc.

If you already living abroad and planning to adopt a pet, you could if you planned to settled and if your not, are you financially stable. I wish I have thought about this before adopting my dog abroad because soon I will have to move to another country. Nope, will not abandoned my dog.

Weight the pros and cons before deciding to adopting a pet into your life. It is a noble thing to do by adopting pet from shelter as they mostly abandoned.

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