Drinking coffee makes my upper abdomen painful like gastric pain


COFFEE! My favorite drink for breakfast. Almost everyday I drink coffee at least a cup a day keeps my sleepy heady away (does it rhyme? No idea 😉).

Photo by jonas mohamadi on Pexels.com

A hot cup of coffee with a dash of milk, it’s already sound delis! Normally, I couldn’t continue my day without a cup of coffee. Vanilla Late, Cappuccino, Or Caramel Latte are my tops 3 favorite. I have history of getting gastric/gastritis in the past but sometimes the pain comes even when I eats on time.

Stomach pain level are varies from time to time up till one point during the day the pain was quite hard to handle. So I went to the doctor and they prescribed me medicine and had some test done and it’s was positive for H. Ployri Breath Test. It wasn’t life threatening but might cause some serious problem in the future. Advice to take 3 types of medication for 2 weeks non stop and hope the pain subsided. And to come back to continue medication if there’s still pain in the future.


It seems the medication doesn’t help, and recently I found out from my mummy that drinking coffee cause pain to her stomach. Apparently, drinking coffee is causing the pain I had been feeling lately (few months to be exact) and when I did drink coffee and after awhile the pain appears. To managed the pain, mum advice me to drink 2 tablespoons of instants oats and a heap of condensed milk. Guess what? It works. The pain reduced so much and no pain at all after drinking oats. Well, sometimes I added more than 2 tablespoons of oats as I kinda like it and it’s healthy too.

So, now I won’t be guilty as much if I drink coffee as I have alternative medicine for the pain. So if you having the same problem as me and you a coffee lover too, make sure you stocks up those oats and condensed milk. I know condensed milk might be unhealthy, but you can changed with the healthy version. Not sure if it works with honey or maple syrup tho.

Leave me a comment below on what works for you!


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