Best breakfast places in Da Nang, Vietnam

It’s the weekends or any weekdays? Wanna go out and enjoy nice breakfast together with the loves one. I have few lists you could try out mainly perfect for breakfast or brunch of the day.

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Six On Six is one of my top favourite place for nice delis breakfast to go to. They have inside and outside seating for you to enjoy the or sit by the fish ponds. Perfect nice wind the outside and cool air conditioning inside for hot day. My go to order are their amazing Breakfast Burritos, Blue Cheese Omelette, Scrambles Eggs, and their new added menu I would suggest to try is Fluffy Pancakes. There’s also plenty other new menu available everyday and variety drinks to choose from coffee to fresh fruit juice. Great place to relax and enjoy your breakfast with a cup of coffee. Prices around USD 4 – 5.

Address: 14/11 Luu Quang Thuan, Da Nang

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Secondly, I would recommend Happy Heart Cafe is one of my hubs favourite for breakfast day for a weekend. They served Canada Breakfast Special, American Breakfast Special, English Breakfast Special and more. If you looking for waffles too, they have it and you can choose to topped it with fruits or jam/syrup or chocolate syrup + banana. Happy Heart Cafe also known with their delicious bakery menu (which were recommended by a friend of mine). Prices is around USD 4 – 5.

Address: Lot 75-76 (No 05-07) Phan Lien Street, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

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Bikini Bottom? Yes it’s right, one of my favourite place for breakfast as they served good portion of English Breakfast that comes with a bowl of mixed fruit desserts. Bikini Bottom might not served quite a list of menu but it worth the try and their cafe is open space. It’s near the beach and you can have a nice walk after had your full breakfast. They also served coffee or fruit juices and also Vietnamese coffee. If you googled it, they have 2 in different locations and they are the same. Prices around USD 4 – 5.

Address: 52 An Thuong 2, Da Nang OR An Bang Beach, Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An

CohibaR Da Nang also a great place to have brunch or dinner. I mainly prefer to come here during the day to have late breakfast as it’s more famous at night time. Bangers And Mash is my favourite food to order as they are the best I tried so far in Da Nang. Although it’s a little more pricey that other cafe but worth it once in awhile. They have plenty of food and drink to choose from. Also Banana Fritters/Fried and drizzle with chocolate sauce so it’s my favourite. CohibaR offers indoor and outdoor seating but outdoor is great to hang out during the day and night. The cafe near the beach too and you can have a nice walk afterwards. Prices around USD 4 – 7.


Address: 2-6 An Thuong 3, Bac My Phu, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

Banana Fritters/Fried is a must try at CohibaR

Leave me a comment below if you have been to any of the cafe that I mentioned and would like to know what you think. And if you have any other place that you would like to recommend, please do let me know in the comment box below.


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