Things to do during COVID-19 lockdown in Da Nang, Vietnam

Lockdown? It does sound serious but no need to panic and went for months of months worth of groceries shopping like it’s going to be a zombie apocalypse. Totally unnecessary because there’s other households that will need to buy as well. However, it is important to buy groceries that is sufficient for a week.

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Staying at home isn’t bad idea actually, as you could spend more time with loves one at home. Together you can have baking day, or game day, or homeschooling if you have kids. Besides, spring cleaning the whole house another fun way spending time. Reading is another fun way or create a book club with your family members or friends. As there won’t be any gathering, why not have video conferences with all your friends and family members, this would be so much fun.

Yoga or home workout with no equipment is a great way too, plus you need to maintain your health during this pandemic lockdown. Need to do some shredding with all those cakes and carbs you been eating for the past few days at home. I have some good workout videos link by Chloe Ting on YouTube you could follows. It’s a 2 weeks challenge continuously and if the workout getting easy, you can change to more harder workout such as full body workout link but non-stop for 2 weeks.

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Catching up will all the dramas and movies you have been missing is a great way to spend the day too. There’s so many new series available on Netflix you can choose from. I have few suggestions if you interested with horror or criminal or sci-fic such as Locke & Key, Prodigal Son, Chilling Adventure of Sabrina, Lost In Space, The Protector, and more.

Do you like to cook or bake? Well, now it’s the time to start crackling those kitchen of yours. This time round would be the perfect time to cook/bake any menu that you has been dying to try and always no time after work as it would normally taking a lot of efforts in. It can be either roast chicken or pork or even turkey.


Another type of time consuming would be jigsaws or puzzles. Some of you may or may not have jigsaws puzzle available at home, but I believe Amazon delivery would been available during lockdown. There’s 3 different types of jigsaw puzzles you can choose from or and just click on my Amazon Affiliate link below, choose either 3000, 2000, or 1000 pieces of puzzles.

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If you like to paint and its one of your hobbies, now would be the best time to do so. Taking all those canvas and brushes and paint colour out and start again or start slowly. Who knows you could sell these painting and might be able to change your career paths. Or if you into gardening and looking at all your pots and plant outside your house getting dry and haven’t been taken care of, you have plenty of time to do so.

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