Online shopping in Vietnam

According to Vietnam Advisors; Lazada, The Gioi Di Dong, and Sendo are the top main online shop in Vietnam. Among all the online shops available in Vietnam, only Lazada able to change language from Vietnamese to English and easy to navigate by foreigners.


When it comes to online shopping, Lazada would be my first choice as language advantage. However, others online shop may offers cheaper price or item availability.

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Certain items or majority of items I needed mainly bought online such as baking equipments, household items like vacuum or kitchen equipment, and up to phone accessories. Most of these items, you can easily found in the store and prices is vary. The physical store, their staffs mostly too shy to speak English and some may not be able to communicate well with foreigners, this is one of the main reason I shop online. Easy, less communication, and delivered right to your door. Nevertheless, your orders might get cancelled or items you received might not what you expected and it may get lost in the mail or delayed.


Based on my experiences, only 1 out of 20 items I purchased may have defects or not what I expected. But these are the pros and cons of online shopping. However, majority of seller can be trusted based on the reviews they get.

Here in Vietnam, there’s few payment methods you can use either Pay by Debit/Credit Card, eM Wallet, Installment (only available on certain items), or Cash On Delivery (COD). The most picked or used is COD as it is convenient, easy and you can pay tips to the delivery guy as well. Tipping is normal in Vietnam as majority of them does not earn well.

Buying household equipment may makes you think twice as will they break during delivery handling or will they shipped bad quality of products and etc. Household items such as vacuum, or microwave, or saucepan or pots are okay to order online as long there is warranty given and it made from a well known brand. Personal item such as phones, laptops, and tablets I would suggest to buy directly from the stores.


If you have any question, please let me a comment below or which online shopping website you used the most.

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