5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Settling into your new home? Either comes with fully furnished or not, but what is your must have item especially for kitchen appliances? Having the opportunity staying at home and cook dinner for family; its a joy but sometimes can be stressful. Eventually, I found my passion in cooking and here are my top 5 must have kitchen appliances.

Photo by Mark McCammon on Pexels.com

1. Oven

Oven is the top must have item in any house because you can cook anything with oven to roast mixed vegetables, meat, or even baking. Get the most basic size oven for daily used if fitted large oven quite expensive to buy. Electrolux Oven is what I have in hand today and it is the best so far I have used.

Electrolux Oven

2. Coffee Machine

When it comes to coffee, you will need the best coffee beans to start with. It is important to select your coffee beans before purchasing any coffee machine. Few years back in United Kingdom, my husband and I purchased Tassimo Coffee Machine brand Bosch and we still used it till now. The model we had no longer available but coffee machine is essential in my kitchen.

Tassimo Coffee Machine Bosch

3. Blender

Among any blenders I purchased, Magic Bullets is the best as they included 1 high-torque power base, 2 stainless steel blades, 1 tall & 1 short cups, 2 shaker – steamer tops, 2 stay – fresh re-sealable lids, 4 party mugs, and 1 recipe book. The blender can be used to blend milkshakes, fruit juices, soup, peanuts and more. Click on the link below if you would like to purchase directly from Amazon. Great purchases and good quality.

Magic Bullet Blenders
Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer [21 pc set with a 4 pc bonus]

4. Stand Mixer

Having any stand mixer would be useful but it will be on my buying list for the future. For now, I only had Philips Hand Mixer and it is the most basic but essential kitchen appliances you must have. Whisk eggs white or whipped cream or to make cupcakes, hand mixer works just fine. Click on the link below for direct link to purchase.


5. Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker or All In One Instant Pot is a must have item in your kitchen as it is convenient and speeds up your cooking time and using less electric energy. Pressure Cooker can be used to cook any meat to soften it up and easy to break apart, and it’s a must have item.


Kitchen Essentials;

Other than mentioned items above, as you all know that Toaster, Refrigerator, Kettle, Rice Cooker, Sandwich/Waffle Maker, Saucepan, Grill Pan are normally what we have in our kitchen. These are the most basic usually appliances we bought first.

Photo by Mark McCammon on Pexels.com

Please do your research before purchasing any kitchen appliances to prevent future problems and leave me a comment below on what is your must have kitchen appliances at home.

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