Travelling to Da Nang, Vietnam

Is Da Nang, Vietnam in your travel bucket list? If it does, I will tell you what you need to know and the basic information. Whether you just to travel for short period of time or thinking of living in Da Nang.


1. Visa

If you planning to stay in Vietnam for 1 weeks up to 4 weeks (1 month), only certain passport holders are allowed visa upon entry with no extra fees. But please do check and confirmed your passport with Vietnam-Visa before buying any flights tickets. You may need to provide return flights upon arrival when stamping your visa.

2. Renting Apartment

Once Visa is sorted, finding good apartment is the second most important because you will need a good place to rest after a long day of exploring. However, if planning to stay for a week hotel would be a good choice. But to staying about a month in the same location, renting apartment would be better. A fully furnished studio apartment normally would cost starting as USD 250 (6,000,000M VND) a month and sharing a room would cost lower.


Finding apartment for rent in Da Nang is easy, you will need to know your budget, what’s your daily need such as washing machine or kitchenware or weekly cleaning services. I’ve been using for few times and they can be trusted in finding your perfect apartment either short term or long term. However, if you haven’t found what you looking for, you could join in Danang & Hoi An Foreign Expats Facebook page to get more information or to ask any available apartment for rent at the nearest time of your travel. Payment would be Vietnamese Dong instead of USD.


3. Local SIM Card

Yes, it is crucial to buy local SIM card if you staying more than a week in Vietnam. Local phone number allows you to get around Vietnam easily such as accessing the internet, using Grab Apps, contacting your family members abroad, or filling any important forms. There are four mobile networks provided which are Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone, and Vietnamobile.

Ever since I arrived in Vietnam, I have been using Viettel SIM card provider. You can easily purchase Viettel SIM at the airport after you gone through immigration check. So far Viettel has given me great data coverages a day, a week or a month (varsity to choose from) and offering a good rate when calling abroad.

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To update or top up data, just dial *098# and choose no; 2 then pick how many days of data you would like. Follow the guidance based on gallery below if you confused. I would highly suggest to purchase Viettel SIM card and easy to top up any phone shop.


4. Renting a Motorbike

Renting a motorbike is the most easy way to get around Vietnam. Almost in any apartment you rented, they always provide motorbike or bicycle for rent. Normally, they would charge minimum 150,000VND (USD 6) a day for renting a motorbike and only needed a copy of passport and deposit. It is crucial to rent a motorbike from trusted shop.

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Buying motorbike however more convenient if you staying longer than 3 months and can sell it afterwards. You can get anywhere in Vietnam using motorbike but I must inform you to be careful when riding in Vietnam as Vietnamese tends to be quite dangerous but they are friendly people. Honking in Vietnam is very common and you can hear it everywhere.


5. Language

Asking direction may or may not be difficult in big city centre, but more difficult in smaller town as majority of Vietnamese unable to speak English. Therefore, communication would be difficult and it would be fun to learn some simple basic Vietnamese language before getting to Vietnam.

With data available, using Google Translate would not be a problems or using Google Maps if you got lost too. Thats why using local SIM card does has the advantage.


6. Food

Vietnamese food is a MUST TRY in any bucket list. There are long list of food you have to try while in Vietnam as both North and South of Vietnam offers their own speciality. However, one thing to consider is to make sure food served clean. The last thing you want is to get food poisoning.

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7. Medication

Staying short or long term, bringing over-the-counter medication is important even the basic such as Paracetamol, stomach pain, flu, or charcoal (for food poisoning). If your sickness worsen, visit the clinic would be a good choice rather than holding the pain in to yourself.

8. Currency Exchange

Before flying into Vietnam, I would highly suggested you had your cash exchange to Vietnamese Dong and keep 30% cash in USD currency for any emergency. There many tricks you can use to hid some of your cash in case any bad incidents may or may not occur.


If you have any questions please leave me a comment below or subscribe to my blog. Also do read my previous blog post regarding Foreigners Living In Da Nang, Vietnam or Living in Vietnam.

2 thoughts on “Travelling to Da Nang, Vietnam

  1. Vietnam has never really been on my travel wish list, but now that we are self isolating and unable to go anywhere, I’d take Vietnam over these crazy pandemic crisis. Thanks for sharing such a informative article and stay safe 😊 Aiva


    1. Hi, thanks! Yes quite fascinating how they keep those affected in a quarantine area and how they gave food to help those in quarantine. If in the future you coming to visit Vietnam, be sure to make a check list of all things you need.

      Liked by 1 person

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