2 People Living on 1 Income

I am sure there’s many couple out there may or may not living on 1 income provided either by husband or wife. A full-time housewife or househusband 😉 is common nowadays and nothing ashamed about it. Well, being a full-time housewife is not bad at all but sometimes I do feels bored. Gotta get myself things to do and get busy.

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Finding thing to do everyday is kinda hard work I would say. If you thought about it, actually there’s plenty things for a housewife like me or what we can do. I will discuss about this topic on a different blog post. For now, how to live on 1 income when you paying for 2.

There a lot to consider when you not work but your partner is. Money is the most main needed in our daily life. It is what gives us a shed to live in, food to eat, and clothes to wear. Many would say money isn’t important but it is as without money, you can’t really have any of the main 3 items ( home, food, and clothes). The only source of income are paying for rent, food, clothes and other bills or miscellaneous stuffs.


1. Rent

If you paying for a rent and not mortgage, only 30% of your net income (a month) should be used for rent. 2 people living on 1 income and naturally you don’t need bigger space or apartment to rent as there’s no kids involved. A small and cozy apartment is sufficient enough for 2 person included all basic amenities available.

Renting Apartment for 2 people

It’s also depending on country or city you lived in, due to the rent prices differences. If you can find lesser than 30% of your net income, you should go for it. So the remaining of the 30% you can keep it or save for the future or used it for some diy makeover of your new apartment to make it looks cozy and homey. You also may not know when you needed that extra cash.


2. Utilities Bill

Some country I know that electric or water or gas bill are paid differently and may cost cheaper that other. This may take 5-10% of your net income (a month). So be sure not to leave any of your appliances on when not using. This also may include your phone bills or any other related bill.

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3. Food

Food is the most essential in our daily life as we need all the vitamins and nutritional intake to keep going on doing what we do everyday. Food gives us energy. However, it is crazy to go full gear on buying and eating unnecessary food or cook too much portion for 2 than can be eaten for 4 persons.

Cooking at home better than eating out

To stock up weekly food may not be easy as it seems as you will need to figure out what to eat for the whole week in order to buy what necessary. Some items may runs out faster than other such as milk, eggs, butter, bread, and yogurt. These items will need to stock properly to last a week.


Sometimes it also depending on what meal you cook for each day. That’s why it is important to organise meal plan for the week. Food usually takes 20-25% of your net income (a month). However, better if you stayed between that amount or lesser.


4. Clothes

As for clothes, only buy when needed and would be best to live as minimal as possible. Treating yourself to a nice clothes once in a while isn’t a bad idea as well as this is good for self confidence. Maybe keep 5% each month for at least 3 months to get you that nice shirt you’ve been eying on.

Clothing Shopping

5. Miscellaneous

Congratulations! You have paid all the necessary items or household you need for the the month and sometimes it is good to treat yourself and your significant others to a nice dinner together in not so expensive restaurant. This is healthy for both of your relationships and it’s a nice excuse for not cooking at home just for the night. 10-15% of your net income (a month) is sufficient enough.


6. Saving

With all the deductions, only 15% of the total net income (a month) you may would be able to keep for saving. It could be more depending on how wise you spent your income monthly. If the husband is the source of income and the wife must keep watch on the spending on groceries and utilities usage at home or the other way round.


Those are top 6 list for 2 people living on 1 income. For this personal basic calculations, it is sufficient for husband and I living comfortably in Vietnam. Few years back, while still living in United Kingdom with this 1 income is not quite enough to survive. It is all depending on which country you living in but top 6 is the most basic rules to get by. Basically, you may spent 85% of your net income in a month for rent, utilities bill, food, clothes, and miscellaneous.


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