COVID-19 Affecting My Future Plan

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 last December 2019, more than 650,000 of cases has been discovered worldwide and over 30,000 deaths reported with 142,000 has recovered. As many of you guys know, lockdown has been initiate all over the world to stop the virus to continuously spreading and to cause more death tolls. Majority big airlines, local bars / clubs, restaurants, cafes, entertainments / leisures, and etc has been advise to stop operation for a while.


This lockdown has cause many people to postponed their business travel, leisure travel, future plan, weddings, celebration, gatherings, and more. As you all may not know, my husband and I located in Vietnam due to work and about to immigrate to other country in the next few months. Because of this virus, most country has already ban travel for foreigners to enter, even temporarily stop accepting new job applicants in the country that we looking into. We may be allowed to leave the country but may not be allowed to enter (certain country) and if we allowed, 2 weeks self-isolation will be necessary.

At the moment, we might be ended up staying longer than we supposed to due to virus and Vietnam is in lockdown till April (who knows till when). Adding to that, sad news is that our visa expiring in May and hopefully things will slowing down before than.


Other than that, our rent is going to end by mid April which means we will need to find another apartment to rent for a short terms period. Due to the virus, quite a number of foreigners has gone back to their home country or moved before it’s getting worst which mean there’s plenty apartment for rent available.


Year 2020 sure has not treating us right and one problem occurs after one another. Despite all this mess or breakdown, we all should keep positive and keep our social distancing to prevent the virus spread even more. It may not be the best, but it will pass eventually and we will continue our lives as usual.

Think of this lockdown as special time to spend time with loves one at home as not allowed go out for gatherings. It is very crucial for elderly and kids and everyone to follow simple rules. Let fight this COVID-19 together.

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Comment and share down below on how COVID-19 affecting your plan. Wash hand often.

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