List To Bring When Emigrate

There are certain number of items we need and can bring when we emigrate to a country. Emigrate means when you exit a country to live permanently in other country.

Depending on which country you moving into, the list would be different. As you may not know yet, currently I am living in Da Nang, Vietnam and if your future plan is to move to Vietnam, list would be different. For country that are not as developed as western cities, certain item as medicine is important to bring along.


Originally, my husband and I planning to emigrate to New Zealand. New Zealand is a beautiful country to lived in surrounding by mountains and beach, and around 5 million populations. Language spoken is Kiwi and English which is convenient as we both speaks English. Cost for living in New Zealand roughly around NZD3,000 a month which include rent, utilities, food, transportation, plus miscellaneous. Rent either paid weekly or fortnightly and a basic small studio apartment in the main city of Auckland would cost starting at NZD400 per week.

However, due to the virus outbreak worldwide, New Zealand has closed it borders for foreigners that wish to enter and only allowed with certain criteria. As for jobs, companies has stop temporarily in accepting foreigners for work (this info received from New Zealand recruitment agency) which has cause us to find a different path.


A bright side for now is that Berlin, Germany now accepting new applicants to work in Berlin. However, only enters when the virus pandemic slowing down (who’s know when). Berlin, Germany is home for nearly 4 millions people and it is the largest city and main capital of Germany.

Berlin is a develop city and do not worry or bringing any heavy or unnecessary items with you when emigrate. English is widely spoken in the main city but able to speak Deutsch is an advantages. Public transportation, groceries shopping, healthcare, and any others are easy access. However, one main thing that most people having trouble with is finding an apartment for rent. Suitable location for apartment of your choice is difficult to secure and the best option is to stay at AirBnB while searching for an apartment.


Things we need / can bring:

  1. Clothing – 4 seasons

As you already know, Germany has 4 seasons all around the year and if you already own clothes that suitable for any seasons, it is important to bring it along with you but it is not practical to bring all of your clothing. Just bring that you would wear the most. After awhile, you can buy any new clothing when needed.


2. Certificates

Well, you can’t emigrate without bring all your related certification documents. Without it most forms will be hard to fill in as they might want a copy of any certificates you have such as marriage cert (if you have any), university certs, job offer contract, and more. It is crucial not to forget these important items and make sure keep it with you all the time.

3. Gadgets

Of course, laptop and handphone are the main items you will need to bring along with you unless you would want to upgrade it in Germany. Cameras, GoPro, headphones, shavers and any other gadgets you have you can bring it if you like. Some other items may not be necessary such as PSP/PS3/4, bulky speakers, alarm clock, or printers. It is not ideal to bring such gadgets when you easily can buy new in Germany. This is because they take up quite big weight and big box for check in luggage when you travel long haul. Unless you travel by road.


4. Pet

If you haven’t read my other post regarding pet, please have a read. It about adopting a pet while moving/living abroad. If you emigrate to other country like me, you will need to find airline that allows you to check in a pet and the cost depending on the size and weight of your pet. There’s certain requirements to follows so please check with airline you plan to fly with and the country you emigrate to.

5. Kitchen Appliances

If you stay at home like I do, it is quite attempting to bring certain kitchen appliance that I own now to Germany. When I comparing the price of the same item that I have at the moment with the price in Germany, it is triple the price. Which means in Germany it is expensive to buy and is it worth it to bring over? The item that I have in mind is Magic Bullet Blenders, in Germany it will cost me €65 for the same item. Or should we travel light.

Magic Bullet Blenders
Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer [21 pc set with a 4 pc bonus]

6. Medicine

Bringing medicine that widely available and modern healthcare, it is not important to bring along. Packing whole bunch and different variety of medicine is not necessary but you could pack it just a few in case you may need it during the long haul flight and while settling.


7. Food

As for food wise, there will be certain restriction on bringing food to Germany which I highly recommend to follow those rules. There is variety community living and settling in Germany and which means certain food that you crave easy to buy from these community shops. If you from Asian country, there is Asian community in Berlin. Therefore, no need to bring any food with you when you emigrate.

What are your list of item that you wish to bring when you emigrate? Leave me a comment below.

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