5 Ways Making Extra Money

Making a little side income is something everyone wants but difficult to achieve as no extra time or does not know how or what ways. If you read my other blog about 2 people living on 1 income, having a small side income does make a difference. As you all may not know, I started a small baking business from home and baked desserts only based on orders and delivered it right to customers door.


A little extra side income may not seems much but it does help with weekly groceries both for commercial and noncommercial. Tiny amount does have a small impact when you see it in a whole month. I believed many of you working on side income whenever you could. To invest to start any business or side income may makes you think twice as you already low in budget, but every business is about taking a risk.

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Taking a small risk sometimes is worth it because eventually you will get the profit back. It may be not much but worth the try.

  1. Blogging / Vlogging / Freelancers

Many believed blogging has been dead for almost 10 years now but actually it hasn’t. This is because, when you googling certain topics and if you could not find in Vlogging you would turn your search to Blogging. Now vast information available online either in blogs or videos. People want to search for topics that could relate to their problems or to search for solutions or opinions or reviews on certain products, and that comes in various ways. However, not everything you read or hear is worthy or accurate.

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Blogging easily done during your free time after works and it takes less time or efforts. However it will if you plan to make it as full time job as that is the only income source. Blogging is all about create or come up with topics that you have passion or to give your personal reviews or to tips to solve a problem that you good at.

Vlogging is mostly posting your videos on YouTube and sharing your life for everyone to see. It can be sharing what you do in a day or what its like to have 10 pets or having to cook for a family of 5 or anything. Editing videos may not easy as it looks because it take long time and creativity. It all depends on how you want to show your content.


Freelancers is only based on jobs that they are being offered to do and its a one time job only (mostly). Photographer, writing content, arts, music composer, website designers, graphic design, and more.

2. Small Businesses

Doing small business can be anything that you have passion about, such as bake from home, homemade crafts, night repairs or mechanics, or even designers. It can be any thing that you good at, and share with your community and they might be able to help you to expand or promote to others. Creating Facebook page is a good way to promote your small business to and a little expenses in advertising. Selling your business to your community or your town, is a good way to start small and might grow bigger in the future.

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When I start baking from home, I thought it would be difficult to implement but it’s not hard as you think. As long you have passion and motivation, everything will be easy. Firstly is to create Facebook page or social media for your small business, then bake certain recipes that you know you like and advertise it.

3. Part-Time Jobs / Weekends Job

Part time jobs only suitable for you if you already working on a odds jobs that required certain hours during the day. Or if you working during the weekdays and available on the weekends, find a job that only required on the weekends or work with a friend as his/her shop. The pay may not be much but at least it you have extra personal experiences on the job.


4. Online Teaching

Online teaching is famous among foreigners that travelling for a living. If English is your spoken language, you can teach English online and your students can be all around the world. Therefore, it is possible to teach at night after you return from work. Or teaching other language is possible as well and it all depends on the demand. Tons of website for online teaching you can apply or advertise your teaching skills.

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5. Pet Sitter / Dog Walker

If you full-time housewife like me and staying home all the time, pet sitter would be ideal for you. You can post ads on social media or near by your community area that you can take care of pet while their owners are away for holiday or when they go to work. Its good for the owner to have stress free pets and you will have company as well. However, if you work on certain hour during the day, you can have extra income on walking your neighbours dog and it is a good exercise for you too.

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What others way you could think of to make extra cash? Leave me a comment below!

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