Da Nang, Vietnam Beach During Quarantine

Self-isolation continues till mid-April 2020 and hope this will pass soon and we all can continue how it was before the pandemic started. Not sure how quarantine in your country doing, but here in Da Nang seems quiet and less cars or motorbike than usual. While beach is no longer allowed any activities or gatherings for more than 2 people. Using face mask all the time when you out, and social distancing is important but people seems don’t really practicing it.


Pharmacy, hospitals, local market and grocery stores will remain opens as usual, and even vet clinic open as well for those who has sick pet that need attentions. However, theres no confirmed cases of pet has positive COVID-19 but it is important to wash hand before and after playing with your pet. Walking your pet is allowed here in Da Nang although there is no restriction against it, but make sure to distance yourself from others about 2 meters away.

Majority shops or restaurant is closed and not allowed open for business. But offices still open and people still go to work and working from home seems not allowed unless you in education sector (from what I know). In this critical time, theres plenty of organisation offers food donation to those who in need and even the government treating those who in COVID-19 quarantine are free of charge.


Da Nang beach is closed for public and notice is hung up almost every beach entry to prevent people to come and gathered. This is one of the ways to prevent the virus to spread even more and it seems people taking it seriously. Beach is empty except beach lifeguard (or bay watch) to ensure its empty. Not everyday you would see empty beach like this. Quiet and peace.

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