Must Watch Online / Netflix Series

What to watch during this quarantine period? I have many lists for you and if you haven’t watch it before, this is the time to starts. Before I wasn’t a fan of The Walking Dead, Grey Anatomy, or Supernatural, and when I started watched it I could not stop till I watch it all from seasons 1 up to the latest episodes. I know that some of series are not available on Netflix or not updated to current episodes, there is one website that I usually used and it is updated.


If you working during the day, at night or weekend take few hours to watch with your significant others on the couch or in bed. It is great to watch any series or movie that you both will enjoy and also enjoy each other company. If you have other series that you would like me to watch which are not in the list, please leave a comment below.

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No spoilers! But if you into Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Drama / Romance type series, here are the list:

  1. Grey Anatomy
  2. Supernatural
  3. DC’s Legend of Tomorrow
  4. S.W.A.T
  5. Stranger Things
  6. Dynasty
  7. Charmed (2018)
  8. The Good Doctor
  9. 9-1-1
  10. The Walking Dead
  11. Fear The Walking Dead
  12. New Amsterdam
  13. Supergirl
  14. Lucifer
  15. Madam Secretary
  16. Locke & Key
  17. The Witcher
  18. Van Helsing
  19. The Vampire Diaries
  20. The Originals
  21. Legacies
  22. Travelers
  23. The Shannara Chronicles
  24. Salvation

As for Grey Anatomy, it all about romance but also theres great information or knowledge you could learn but do not practice anywhere, basic info about health or tips. Watching from the start may takes awhile but why not during this stay at home or work from home period of time while the world / air cleanse itself. If you into magic series The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies are the best. All 3 is sort of related and The Vampires Diaries is the first to watch before the others. If you know the old Charmed, then Charmed (2018) should interest you as well. Not a remake but almost similar (some part) I would say.

Leave me a comment below on what is your favourite series of all time!

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