COVID-19: Current Situation in Vietnam

It has been nearly 5 weeks since lockdown in Vietnam and there is new cases everyday but no death yet so far and doing really great. Lockdown seems to be extended till end of April. Restaurants, cafe, shops, schools, and some companies are in lockdown as well, which means working from home. But there are quite number of companies that still requesting their staff to come to work everyday as could not afford to pay paid leave or work can’t be done from home.

How do you managed to cope with lockdown and it for certain country they already extending the lockdown period. What keeps you entertain all day and everyday? Leave me a comment below and let me hear your story.


Social distancing, wearing mask all time while outside or going to buy groceries is strictly imposed everywhere. Fine will be charged if you were caught without wearing any mask on, or having social gathering of more than 2 people outside. Health check on every road leaving city or town and to make sure no one spreading the virus and mask is on all the time while going outside. Even supermarket will check their customers temperature before entering.

Foreigners are allowed to overstayed their expired visa only up to 10 days and depending on travel airlines. Even so, renting apartment at this stage are highly discouraged for any foreigners which is quite unfair for those that already living in Vietnam before the lockdown and looking for a new apartment (lower price) to rent while waiting for travel ban being lifted. Certain nationalities are being urged to fly back to their home country and for those that can’t fly due to work are required to stay longer. However, by informing the local police of your situation needed to find new apartment to stay may be allowed under few circumstances. Without registering your tenants to the local police, the contact will be considered illegal here in Vietnam. Usually, landlords have the authority of notify local police and register their tenants IDs.


Quite surprising how Vietnam managed to contain the virus outbreak and with ZERO death. Based on the latest update, Vietnam is not the only country with no death and we all hope and pray that this pandemic will end by end of the year of 2020. Lets us save each other by social distancing.


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