COVID-19: Moving Apartment

Whether you looking to rent a house, studio apartment, or even a private room, there’s some tips you need to know. Previously, we was living in a big 2 bedrooms house with a garden. Its nice, cozy but a lot to clean weekly and some household are not available or provided by landlords, which cause us $$ to buy such as vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, microwave, oven, toaster, kettle, saucepan and more. Luckily some of those utensils we already purchase from previous home we rented. Now, world is not really financially stable and affected many of us and this has led us to find a smaller and cheaper apartment for rent.


Finding an apartment for rent nowadays in Da Nang, Vietnam is easy and rental price has decreased immensely because of COVID-19. Majority of foreigners has travel back to their hometown and there is still others that stayed. Due to this pandemic, most people many not have the same luxury as others. Many have to quit their jobs, force to take unpaid leave, or pay cut, or even difficulties in finding a new job. Even so, to travel is still unadvisable and causes for some people to stay right where they are now.

Finding suitable apartment

Depending on your budget, find apartment that suits your needs the best. Location maybe second most important part because you would want to stay in area that quite and convenient. Third would be the service provided such as kitchen utensils, air conditioning, washing machine and dryer, and a comfy bed. Found it and secure that apartment and set moving date. It may not really necessary to secure as plenty apartment is available for rent but you never know what could have happened.

For us, we looking for apartment that provide most items for kitchen and washing machine. But don’t forget the internet connection as well and TV is a plus. One important thing for us is that apartment allowed pet because we have a dog living with us.


Start Packing

Now apartment hunting is done, it’s time to get pack. Pack items that you will need but sell items you don’t need and throw away items that aren’t useful anymore. To resell those items, you can post on prelove app or on your area of Facebook Page or you could just donate them to those who in need. Packing your stuff in boxes is much easier but not necessary if you have big carrier bag from IKEA. As you only moving apartment and not moving abroad.

Most of our stuff we had to sell or donate as the apartment we stayed don’t have much space to store any stuff we barely used. Even some of our clothing we have to donate as well. Trying to live minimal as possible as we could and not to buy any more items that we don’t need.


Rent a moving truck

Due to this pandemic, renting a moving truck may not be easy as usual but to find someone who willing to help is ain’t easy too. But luckily for us this wasn’t an issue. Once you confirmed and secure your apartment, it would be best if you find a moving truck a week before moving date.

Minimal Lifestyle

Living as minimal as you could is best option for this pandemic year because you won’t know what the world has to offer. I have to learn this the hard way, because when renting a apartment while living and working abroad, having less things to own is the best option. Unless you settling in that country you living in and even tho you renting because to actually buy a house would take a lot $$ to save.

Food : Best if we all try not to waste any food during this COVID-19 because people/farmers are actually shed their sweat to produce fresh food for us even when they supposed to stay at home, while for some of us actually still earning while working from home and they aren’t. For any leftovers can be eaten next day or food that gone bad quickly, best if kept in the freezer. For some may don’t have food to eat and as for us who fortunate enough can donate.

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