COVID-19 VS Travel

Update: Currently, there is no new positive cases reported here in Da Nang, Vietnam and soon business will be open as usual. Stay home and stay safe! We all hope that this virus will end soon and it will not slowing down if we do nothing about it, stay home and keep clean all the time as requested to reduce total number of cases.


However, as you all may know that travel is ban at the moment and no entry unless for certain requirements. But if you search for flights, not surprisingly that flights are relatively cheap to fly around the world and if you thinking of buying that cheap flights, there may be pros and cons to think about.

I thought majority airlines will be temporarily closed for awhile but its appear not, but I think only for domestic flight is available. Attached two photos I screenshot below, it shows that international departures has been cancelled but international arrivals is still allowed here in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Certain route to take if I wish to fly to Europe or Asia although it make takes longer journey. But I do have certain concerns, that one of the flights might be cancel or postpone or the airport immigration may not allowed foreigners to come in. This is a risk that we all need to think about if flying is the only option at the moment. Can be due to work or family issues. Also, once arrived 2 weeks quarantine might be required for self-isolations.

Cheap flight but might have the risk to get infected with the virus. Would you take the chances or postpone it while you can?

It is tempting to buy those cheap flight and maybe I could and just change the date for future travel. Maybe or maybe not because might need to pay extra fees. You know all the hidden fees.

Do search your flight status / prices for your country or may fly domestically. Leave me a comment below!

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