Passion for Home-Baking

By having no qualifications in baking, I learned it the hard way. I usually starts with cooking and learning create new meals every once a week and then I slowly started to bake. Simple cake or muffins just to try out and then move along to baking a bread or bun which all done by hand and not machine. There’s plenty of baking recipes available online but finding the right one is the hard part. Pictures always can be deceiving and comments too. Sometimes you compare 2 or 3 recipes and using your judgement to pick the one you think would works. It happens to me a lot too. Or you could view my facebook page called: Tya HomeMade Baking. When I found recipes that really works, save it and alter it when needed.

Blueberry Cake

But I can guarantee you that you should never give up in things you have passion for. It can be anything and for me its baking and few other things too. About a year ago, I started my own homemade baking facebook page and had it delivered to my customers. Its not difficult to start small and use all the social media that available and let it spread wide. You may pay for small amount for advertising, which works well for me.

Banana Raisins Oats Muffins

From passion to small business made from home. I made it as I bake for my family and let others enjoyed it as much as I did. Before, I liked sweets cake but now I tend to used less sugar because too sweet is bit too much to eat. Brownie especially using a lot of sugar and my kind of brownie is just right, to balance the chocolate and the sweetness.

After awhile, I had requested by customers to baked any vegan or kept friendly desserts and surprisingly they are easy to bake. Depending on the types of desserts that they requested. However, to create a new desserts menu is not easy because ingredients is limited here in Vietnam and for some reason I could never baked croissant from scratch. No matter how I tried to roll my dough with butter, when baked its either oily or dry or doesn’t puff as it should. But cinnamon rolls is my best or pie crust for apple pie or quiche.

Cinnamon Rolls

I am not a fan of cinnamon and for myself I usually skip adding cinnamon. By using the same dough ingredients, you can top it with chocolate chips instead of cinnamon sugar. Soft and pillowy cinnamon rolls inside and outside. For leftovers rolls, it best to heat up only for 30 seconds to 45 seconds and if longer, it will turn hard rock (this usually the same to any other dough heat up in microwave).


But for some reason, first try usually turns out pretty well but not sure why for 2nd and 3rd attempt using the same recipes it turns so bad and dense. This I haven’t figure it out yet but hopefully I will soon. Leaving Vietnam I know it will happened eventually but moving to which country is always a mystery. But passion for baking will never ends for me, either baking for fun or for commercial. We shall see. Tshüss!

2 thoughts on “Passion for Home-Baking

  1. All your baked goods look fantastic!

    I have an instagram account where I share photos of my bakes. Like you, I have no professional training, but I find when we learn through trial and error it’s more memorable and helps teach some vital lessons.

    P.s. I used to hate cinnamon, but now I LOVE it! I could devour those cinnamon rolls!


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