Crochet VS Knitting

Crochet and knitting famous amongst the mothers and grandmothers but actually anyone can do it and not afraid of being labelled as old people and many youngster done it too. As for me, I prefer crocheting than knitting maybe because it easier to navigate or used. Buying crochet/knitting yarn here in Vietnam is cheap per roll and also depending on the types of materials or sizes you like. I prefer soft and not itchy type of yarn and can crochet in to anything you like such as bags, scarf, amigurumi, blankets, pillow case, table runner, mittens, and etc.


Learning the basic crochet is easy as long you know the basic rules and you can slowly crochet even harder shape. I was thinking of starting a homemade crochet business and create a Facebook page. For now it will be based in Vietnam before I migrate permanently to a different country and please do support me.


If you a fan or looking for hobby to do while on lockdown, crochet or knitting is the best way to kill time and I’ve have a group page on Facebook that you can join and learn the steps/patterns or looking for ideas.

Facebook Group: Free Crochet Patterns & Crochet Tutorials

First item to crochet for any beginners is blanket as it’s easy pattern but if you looking for harder pattern, the link above can show you any free pattern you would like to try. Round table cover/runner will be slightly confusing to made but as long you understand the rules, it is easy to follow. Crochet a scarf usually takes about a few days or 24 hours straight and all depending on sizes and styles. Making handmade crochet is easy but to make it unique is another level of creativity.


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