Leaving Vietnam

What a wonderful life experiences to have the opportunity living and working in Vietnam for over 4 years. Never had the chance to really explore whole of Vietnam or visited famous places/tourism spot but it is okay, can always come back for a visit in the future. I had my chances visit Saigon, Danang, and Hanoi, and. I would personally says that Danang is the best among other city. Although it is a small city, but it also vibrant with local and westerners food. Some might say it’s not much to see compare to Saigon or Hanoi but Danang has it’s beach.


Vietnamese are friendly with foreigners although they unable to speak English but most younger/adults can speak English. It’s not like they did not learn in school, they did but what I learnt and understand is that the English teachers in school are not really teaching their student that well and for those that in middle income are able to send their kids to the English Centre and those that can’t afford will have to learn at school.

I’ve spoken to few Vietnamese friends of mine (only those have kids), they only speak Vietnamese with their kids as they do not want the kids to get confused with learning two different languages in the same time. But that not true because from the age of baby up to toddlers age are the best time to teach them different languages because they observe and learn better like a sponge. Who are we to tell them on how to teach their kids.


One major obvious thing that I encounter everywhere is motorbikes or cars honking all the time and second would be them turn whenever they like from which road lane side they want and still managed not get any accident ( well, I would be lying if there no accident but maybe 2 out of 10). I am glad that I will be leaving this horrible noises for good as it never been my favourite after all.

But food is what I will miss terribly because it’s so healthy, light, full of herbs, and cheap. Everywhere you go either alone or with friends and enjoying local food, most you would pay is USD 40 for a group of 4-5. Even to shop in local market is cheap and cook by yourself at home but to cook any foreigners meal would cost a little high depending on the ingredients that you will need, but it is still cheap compare to other country.


My life experiences:

  1. Make local friend. This will help you a lot for the future to have a local trusted friend to help you along the way.
  2. Do not hold or play your phone while walking on the street, mainly in the major cities like Saigon, Danang or Hanoi. Bike thief everywhere.
  3. Used google translate if lost or asking for anything.
  4. Go get a massage, or beauty saloon, or tattoo while in Vietnam.
  5. Lazy to go out, use grab app or Vietnammm app to order food.
  6. Make sure you not being overcharged when going to local shop or market by yourself.
  7. Get a motorbike and local SIM card if you planning to stay more than a month.

3 thoughts on “Leaving Vietnam

  1. So cool, 4 years in Vietnam!! There should be part of you that you must feel Vietnamese eheh if there’s country where I wouldn’t mind to live its Vietnam, I have such a dreamy image of this place… And unfortunately haven’t been there yet, hopefully some day eheh all the best and thanks for sharing your experience and photos, it was lovely to read 🙂 all the best and greetings from Portugal, PedroL


    1. Thanks! Haha.. most people think am Vietnamese lady anywhere I go. Good for me not to get robbed.
      Vietnam is a beautiful country to live although the heat you have to endure during summer is not nice. Please visit someday.


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