Malaysia Quarantine – 15 Days

Home Sweet Home

Malaysia started emergency lockdowns on March 18th 2020 and travel also has been restricted. More and more people has been tested positive and many has recovered but some has lead to fatal death. Luckily before government implement travel ban, I managed to fly to Vietnam to be reunited with my husband. But due to unfortunate situations, we are now leaving Vietnam to migrate to Berlin and build our future home there. Because of COVID, my plan has delayed for few months and home soon will able to reunited again in Berlin.


Upon arrival is considered day 1 or day 0 (whichever you like), and thats why total is 15 days. I arrived on July 5th and day 14 would be on July 19th. Up till June 10th, every passengers arriving abroad will need to be in quarantine based on hotel that has been allocated for. But if you arrived between May 28th to June 9th, Malaysian are required to pay hotel quarantine RM75 a day while non-Malaysian pays RM150 a day. Before May 28th, quarantine and COVID test are fully covered by the government for every passengers. As I arrived KLIA airport on July 5th, I can go home to complete my 2 weeks quarantine and paid RM60 for the COVID test upon arrival (1st test) and day 13 make appointment for 2nd test and day 14 I will have my result back and get my quarantine wristband cut. However, if you wish to have quarantine at hotel you may do so but cover the cost on your own and choose your desire hotel. Food will be provided 3 times a day including any other amenities you needed. Hotel booking for quarantine needs to be arranged before you arrive.


Having my quarantine at home, I feel more relax and get to do things more freely but not allowed to go out as if I get spotted by anyone and they could have me reported. My first COVID test at the airport was negative and now basically just wait for my 2nd test then I am free to go out but MUST wear a mask to protect myself and others. 2nd COVID test, either on day 8 – 10 I need to call the authorities number based on where I live to make an appointment and wait for them to call me back to confirm. I heard from others that, waiting for confirmation is dreadful and took long time for them to confirm date and time.


How long does it take to completed 1st COVID test at the airport?

It depends on how many passengers arriving on that day/time. From 30 minutes up to 3 hours. For me it took about 3 hours to complete the whole process. Upon landed, check in via MySejahtera app and complete the form online. Register my name for COVID test (this can be skipped if you have done the test before departure), get test taken via nose swab, get wristband, wait for further instructions on how home quarantine works, make payment, then wait for COVID result. Once that all completed, go through immigration clear and collect luggage and go home.

MySejahtera App

Free to download app for passengers wish to enter Malaysia and DO ensure to download and complete health declaration before departure to avoid any difficulties. During 2 weeks home quarantine, I need to declare my health situation every day as it’s a way for government to monitor my movement/updates. I need to contact the authorities if I show any symptoms of sickness related to COVID.


Once I entered Malaysia during lockdowns, can I leave Malaysia?

Yes it is allowed to enter Malaysia during lockdowns but with reason that you never enter Malaysia after March 18th 2020. But if you wish to leave Malaysia, also possible but with valid reason and with that you are not allowed to enter back Malaysia before lockdowns is lifted/ended.

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