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ONE BOWL-Banana Chocolate Chips Bars Recipe

Only using ONE BOWL to make and mix all ingredients and can be done in one hour! Quick and simple Banana Chocolate Chips Recipe

Baked Cheesecake Recipe

Cheesecake can be made with many methods. There’s bake or non bake, whichever you prefer. But this recipes is Baked Cheesecake with Oreo crust. Don’t mind my old oven as it does its job really well. This recipes makes shallow 9 inch pan cheesecake, and if you want to make smaller/bigger just reduce/double the amount […]

Low Carbs Carrot Chocolate Chips Muffins Recipe

Been eating a lot or carbs lately? Have you tried my Low Carbs Carrot Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipes? I can guarantee you it’s delicious, moist, soft, and crunchy on the top. Any low carbs desserts tend to be dense and dry and you can feel it like stuck dry on your throat. Well, I can […]

Chilli Con Carne Recipe From Scratch

Chilli Con Carne is the most popular dinner menu to make in any day especially during winter season. Warm food to eat with either mashed potatoes or steamed rice. I have tried variety of Chilli Con Carne recipes online and made in from scratch as it is hard to find ready made seasoning packet here […]

Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes Recipe

Are you a big fan of fluffy pancakes? Plain or topped with blueberry? You can use either fresh or frozen blueberry. I could eat pancake in any day throughout the weekends, it is my food delight in pick me up morning kind. This recipes originally adapted from Easy Fluffy Pancakes by I am a […]

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